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Straight drinking water will replace family life drinking water
Straight drinking water by making direct drinking water equipment, it is a kind of pure water equipment, its effect is deep purification, the source water to the human body can directly drinkable, called in court life straight water dispensers, its instal
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The concept of function and functional water water dispenser
According to purify the water quality after the safety degree, pure water equipment is divided into straight water dispensers and straight water dispensers. The current market a variety of functions and functional water dispensers, water its brand of vari
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Article 10 "context" to help you interpret the state ecological civilization system reform
Ecological civilization is a form of human civilization, is following the person and nature, human society harmonious development of the objective law and the sum of material and spiritual achievements.
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BBS held 2015 Internet + smart water purification industry
Water treatment industry with special social attributes, devote themselves to the national health drinking water has become the industry consensus. The BBS with "good if water net, healthy life" as the theme, aims to together industry strength and wisdo
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The environmental protection agency (epa) "accident" sewage water threat seven states
1 million gallons (American gallons 1 = 3.785 litres) of carrying toxic wastewater, heavy metal were dumped into the Colorado river system.
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