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The concept of function and functional water water dispenser
Source:pure water equipment   Author:Zhonglan  Release time:2015-09-27

The concept of function and functional water water dispenser.

  The personage inside course of study thinks, the current market a variety of functions and functional water dispensers, water its brand of various function has not been clear scientific verification, the hype is more merchants in pursuit of interests.Safety is the most important measure of drinking water.
  In general, the normal production of relatively safe drinking water, bottled water is usually safe to drink.But many businesses to obtain huge profits, the opportunity to "try", introduced concepts of water, make consumers confused about, easy to be deceived.In a small molecular group water, for example, a small bottle of cost up to dozens of yuan.Businessman says, if than ordinary water including famous springs increased more than 80% of the body to absorb ability, for the healthy people have very big help.
  In addition, the market for children, the elderly and other specific people, the concept of water also emerge in endlessly.Food safety, Dr Daney said publicly, for drinking water, who's advice is to boil water.Applies not only to the baby, also suitable for pregnant women, the elderly population.
  In fact, a new implementation of the national food safety standard packing drinking water "is specified, the name of the bottled water should be true and scientific, shall not be labeled" activation water ", "small molecular group water", "functional water", "energy water" and other not scientific content, the media has reported.

The concept of functional water machine and the function of water.

  In addition to the concept of water, water fountains on the market at present is also varied. Learned from the relevant manufacturers, pure water treatment equipment generally divided into pure water system and pure water equipment. According to purify the water quality after the safety degree, pure water equipment is divided into straight water dispensers and straight water dispensers. Direct water dispenser refers to purify the precision can reach 1/10000 micron reverse osmosis (RO) water purification machine. Straight water dispensers including soft water machine, water purifiers and functional water machine. Water purifier includes nanofiltration water machine,ultrafiltration water purifiers, ceramic water purifier etc. Currently on the market to develop functional have small molecular mass of magnetized water machine, water machine, electrolysis water machine, rich hydrogen generator, the weak alkaline water machine, etc.
  Functional water dispenser and functional water belongs to the hype?An unnamed water dispenser manufacturers, said, head of the functions of functional water dispenser flaunt are largely has not had a clear scientific validation.Drinking water safety should be considered first, if not safe, all kinds of functions is impossible.
  Alarming is that more recent Revelations, has a "liar" on the grounds that the tap water is unsafe, unhealthy promote functional water dispensers, frequently when many people, especially the elderly.
  To this, the personage inside course of study says, conform to the hygienic standards for drinking water tap water, it should be said that to be both safe and affordable drinking water.Face, however, the safety of drinking water source pollution, water delivery pipe network of secondary pollution threat, must bring to a boil again after drinking.Generally speaking, the tap water after high temperature boiling, most can kill bacteria.
  Shanghai municipal center for disease control and prevention of printed "drinking water health publicity week 2015 propaganda folding", according to our country current the drinking water sanitary standard for drinking water imposes strict hygiene requirements, 106 measures of water quality, the level and the world health organization (who), the United States, the European Union and other developed countries and regions.It is known that water users can login the relevant departments of website, also understand the city tap water quality information.
  Considering the water around the water quality is different, some consumers to pursue high quality life level, and in some rural areas still not drink tap water on actual situation, experts said, consumers can adjust measures to local conditions to choose the appropriate pure water equipment.
  Earlier on 8th Shanghai international my understands, for various types of pure water equipment, reverse osmosis (RO) water purification function effectively filter water impurities such as heavy metals, organic compounds, extract the safe, pure water, is quite popular with the market.The personage inside course of study thinks, pure water and higher than domestic and drinking water hygiene standards, safety and health to drinking.

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